The Data Base for Advances in Information Systems

The Data Base for Advances in Information Systems - Celebrating 50 Years

Since 1969, The Data Base for Advances in Information Systems has had a significant impact on the IS discipline as an outlet for high-quality research. This publication, available through the ACM Digital Library, is the result of the hard work and dedication of many people – prior editors-in-chief that guide the direction of this publication, senior editors who have developed and cultivated high-quality research, reviewers who have taken the time to carefully examine the work of their peers, and authors who have submitted their best manuscripts to expand the body of knowledge.

What makes The Data Base for Advances in Information Systems a valuable outlet for research is that we can forge innovation by publishing unique and distinct types of work. We have the flexibility to provide a venue for an expansive and insightful mode of exposition. We also have the freedom and innovative vision to offer unusual and enriching collections of articles not usually found in one place elsewhere in our field of scholarship. We are actively pursuing different opportunities to publish articles that are likely to be cited broadly and widely, articles that will be read often and fully, and articles that will inspire. We seek to promote multiple types of submissions to encourage breadth of scholarship as well as diversity of topic coverage. You might see book reviews, conversations with practitioners, instrument development papers, panel papers, and other types of submissions as we seek to create interesting, relevant issues that information systems researchers will look forward to reading each quarter.

We extend a call to you to submit your best empirical work for inclusion within our pages using our online submission system.  Our editorial team will encourage and help develop your ideas so that we are publishing high-impact, high-quality research, but this simply isn’t possible without your submissions. We will also publish invited perspectives pieces from Senior Scholars in the field. These pieces will be broad in nature, whether addressing the field (overall), a research area in which the senior scholar writing the piece has expertise, or a general trend of interest to the IS community. You can learn more about our submission guidelines and scope of our publication through this site.

Our efforts are only as strong as the people working with us. To this end, our Preeminent Editors serve as an advisory board to identify potentially important new ideas in the discipline and as well identify individuals whose ideas merit consideration for invited submissions. The names on the list should offer some indication as to why we believe them to be preeminent; these individuals often appear as both editors and authors in the very best journals in our field. We also have exceptional individuals that are serving as Senior Editors, all of whom possess excellent research records. Both of the boards reflect the fact that we sought to recruit individuals who would be representative of the breadth and reach of our field, and we are pleased to have such strong colleagues working with us in this effort.

Consistent with each of the past editors-in-chief, we also embrace the continuous improvement spirit of this publication.  We are excited about the many things we are doing so The Data Base for Advances in Information Systems is a publication that you are excited to read, find value in citing, and seek to publish your work. If we accomplish this, we’ll have done the field a service, and by doing this will enhance even further the publication’s visibility and impact.