Submission Guidelines

Aims & Scope

The Data Base for Advances in Information Systems welcomes your submissions in the domain of information systems, particularly research related to use and management of information systems. We encourage the submission of the following six types of articles:

  • Research Article – full length research articles
  • Research Notes – shorter research articles that tend to be more focused
  • Theory Development – literature review and theory development articles
  • Scale Development – articles in which the primary contribution is the creation of measures or a scale
  • Research Methodology – essays describing research techniques and applications of research methods
  • Issues and Opinions – articles that serve as commentary to important issues within the field

We particularly encourage innovative research that is advancing the field of information systems. We are a wide-reaching publication that publishes a variety of research topics within the domain of information systems.  The Data Base for Advances in Information Systems is published in the ACM Digital Library, which reaches an audience of more than 1.5 million potential readers.

Submission Process

To submit your article, go to our submission website at  Submitted manuscripts should not be under review or consideration at another publication or conference.

As part of the submission process, you will need to submit your manuscript as well as a cover letter to the editors.  During the submission process, you may also identify preferred reviewers.

In the cover letter to the editors, please include the following information:

  • Explanation of how the article fits within the aims and scope
  • Statement of whether the article has appeared in prior proceedings, journal, or publication, and/or if the paper has been presented at a prior professional meeting
  • Identification of preferred Senior Editor(s)
  • Contact information for all authors in the order of authorship (name, affiliated department or center, university, address, city, state (if applicable), country, email address, and ORCID)

If you have questions, contact Operations Editor Mina Jafarijoo ( To facilitate handling your paper more efficiently, we strongly suggest the following format for initial manuscript submission:

  • MS Word document
  • Double-spaced
  • Figures and tables embedded in text
  • Line numbers
  • Page numbers
  • In text citations in APA format
  • Bibliographical formatting in APA style
  • No identifying information to ensure a blind review process

We find this format is easier for reviewers and editors to work with in terms of reading, commenting, and so forth. Hence, we DO NOT wish to receive your paper in final publication format until it has been accepted.

Upon submitting your article in the submission system, you will be asked to provide the following information:

  1. Article type (Research Article, Research Note, Theory Development, Scale Development, Research Methodology, or Issues and Opinions),
  2. Article title,
  3. Author name(s) and complete mailing address, phone number, fax number, Internet e-mail address,
  4. Abstract (up to 200 words),
  5. Keywords or phrases for indexing,
  6. Suggested or opposed reviewers,
  7. Cover letter,
  8. Manuscript file.

 Review Process

Manuscripts are initially screened by the Editors for their suitability for publication in The Data Base for Advances in Information Systems. Submissions that are deemed an appropriate fit for the publication are assigned to a Senior Editor. Senior Editors develop a review panel of two to five reviewers for the manuscript. The Senior Editor uses the reviewers’ comments and recommendations to make a decision to accept, reject, or require revision to a manuscript. Major revisions may lead to a additional rounds of review.

The review process takes approximately three to four months from receipt of manuscript to an initial decision. Authors can login to the review system to identify the status of the manuscript.  Authors with a question about the status of their manuscript can contact the Operations Editor, Mina Jafarijoo,

Upon Acceptance

Within a few weeks after acceptance of a manuscript, the Operations  Editor will contact the author with information about the upcoming publication of the manuscript.  Authors will receive their tentative publication date as well as a template to format their accepted paper to prepare for the publication process.  If there are changes to the publication date, this will be communicated to the authors.  As the publication date draws closer, the Technical Editor, Jessica Assink, will be in touch with authors to prepare for final publication.

Any questions about this process can be directed to the Operations Editor, Mina Jafarijoo,

Editors-in-Chief are K.D. Joshi ( and Nancy Deng (