Submission Guidelines

The Data Base for Advances in Information Systems welcomes your submissions. All manuscripts should be typed, letter quality, and double-spaced on one side of the paper. Type should be dark. If the paper has been presented previously at a professional meeting, this should be noted with acknowledgements and funding sources on a separate page at the end of the paper. The following information should be included:

  1. Author’s name(s) and complete mailing address, phone number, fax number, Internet e-mail address, and a short (no more than 100 words) biographical sketch on a separate page
  2. Abstract (200-300 words)
  3. Keywords or phrases for indexing (up to 15)
  4. ACM categories from the schedule used by the Communications of the ACM. See

Initial Submission Format
To facilitate handling your paper more efficiently, we strongly suggest the following format for initial submission:

  • MS-Word Document
  • Double-spaced
  • Figures embedded in text
  • Line numbers
  • Page numbers
  • Bibliographical formatting as appears in MIS Quarterly We use a modified version of the MISQ guidelines (see below). We do not typically insert the month of the reference.

We find this format is easier for reviewers and editors to work with in terms of reading, commenting, and so forth. Hence, we DO NOT wish to receive your paper in final journal format until and unless it has been accepted.

Bibliographic references in the body of the text should be formatted as follows: (author name[s], year). Entries in the References should be ordered alphabetically according to authors’ or editors’ names. Journal references should take the form Author last name, initials. (Year). “Title,” Journal, Vol., No., pages. Book and report references should take the form: Author last name, initials. (Year). Title, publisher city: publisher name, pages, if applicable. Conference proceedings should take the form: Author last name, initials. (Year). “Title,” Proceedings name, conference location, pages.

From MISQ:
References to items in periodicals: Author, year, title, journal, volume, number, month, pages. For authors, last names are given first, even for multiple instances.

Our typical format:
Andrade, E. B., Kaltcheva, V., and Weita, B. (2002). “Self-Disclosure on the Web: The Impact of Privacy Policy, Reward, and Company Reputation.” Advances in Consumer Research. Vo. 29, No. 1: pp. 350-353.

Manuscript identified nowhere save in the submission information metadata.

Accepted Manuscript Submission Templates
Manuscripts that have been accepted are initially put into the journal format by the authors (templates are below). This makes the most efficient use of our technical editing staff’s time. After formatting by the technical editing staff authors of accepted papers will review page proofs prior to publication. Authors should ONLY use these Accepted Manuscript Templates once their manuscripts have been accepted. All initial submissions should be in the format described above, under “Initial Submission Format”.

Download a manuscript template (DOC)
Download a manuscript template (PDF)

Review Process
Articles are screened by the Editors and then assigned to an appropriate Senior Editor. Manuscripts are then sent to up to five reviewers. When the reviews are completed, the manuscript will be accepted, rejected, or revisions will be requested under the supervision of the Senior Editor. If minor revisions are requested, the manuscript will be examined by the Editors. Major revisions may lead to a full second, third, or fourth review.

The review process takes approximately four to five months from receipt of manuscript to an initial decision. Authors will be informed of the status of their manuscript as they pass through the various stages.