Doctoral Consortium

A doctoral consortium will take place as in previous years in conjunction with the CPR 2022 conference. It is meant for students spanning those at an early stage in their doctoral program to those who are more advanced and are at the stage of writing their dissertation proposal, and who are conducting research on a topic related to the conference theme or to the broad focus of the CPR conference on understanding issues pertaining to the intersection of information technology and people. The purpose of the consortium is two-fold:

  1. provide feedback and guidance to students on their proposal while at a stage where feedback can be considered for future dissertation work
  2. provide mentoring and networking opportunities to students who wish to pursue careers as researchers at the intersection of information systems and people.

Doctoral students must be nominated to the consortium by a faculty sponsor. Students nominated for the consortium should submit via email ( a 10-page research proposal (including all text, figures, and references; double space to be reviewed by a panel of highly qualified senior faculty mentors. The doctoral students selected to participate in the doctoral consortium will receive one round of written feedback on their proposal.

During the virtual doctoral consortium, each student will have 15-20 minutes to present their research ideas and receive feedback in-person from experienced researchers and fellow consortium participants. The doctoral consortium will allow activities in plenary mode and intense workshop sessions in smaller groups. The submission deadline for doctoral consortium application is the same as the general submission deadline. Accepted students may choose to publish the full proposal that was submitted for evaluation or an extended abstract of their proposal in the conference proceedings. Funding will be available to assist and registration fees to students selected for the doctoral consortium.