Call for Papers

People Working with IT: Transforming Healthcare
Location: Buffalo – Niagara Falls, USA.
June 18-20, 2018

Complete Call for Papers – PDF File

For over 50 years, ACM SIGMIS CPR conference (Computers and People Research) has engaged the academic and practitioner communities in understanding issues pertaining to the intersection of information technology and people. From its roots in the IT workforce, CPR has broadened its focus to deal with all aspects of this important and complex relationship. We are delighted to welcome the 2018 ACM SIGMIS CPR conference to the beautiful Niagara Falls region, from June 18-20, 2018. The Buffalo Niagara region is a hub for IT research and healthcare research and development.

This year’s conference will feature both a general information systems track and a conference theme track. In the general information systems track, we will feature topics at the intersection of information technology and people such as IT leadership, adoption, use, inclusion and workforce. For these topics, we invite submissions pertaining to the entire range of subject-areas pertaining to how information systems are designed, implemented, used, and managed by individuals, groups, organizations and society.

Additionally, we will have a conference theme track, focused on how IT is transforming healthcare. For this track, we invite papers examining how IT is transforming healthcare services, including their clinical, administrative, process-related, epidemiological or public health aspects. Given the interdisciplinary nature of the theme, we encourage submissions addressing multiple levels of analysis (individual, team, organization, and societal), and drawing on a variety of perspectives (healthcare, information systems, operations management, organizational behavior, computer science, economics, sociology, psychology, etc.). Suggested topics include, but are not limited to the following. In addition, we recognize that studies may span multiple levels. We would welcome submissions based on such studies.


* Use of information systems (e.g., apps) to transform health related behaviors
* Ways in which healthcare services and personal lives intersect to improve health outcomes
* Privacy and security of healthcare data
* Smart health and artificial intelligence developments
* Individuals? role in healthcare delivery (e.g., co-creation, healthcare focused social networks)
* IT knowledge, skills, and abilities required in the 21st century healthcare workplace


* Digital transformation of healthcare delivery processes and operations
* IT and patient safety
* Emerging organizational configurations and structures of healthcare delivery (e.g., private, public, private-public partnership)
* Health information exchanges, architecture, and collaborative platforms
* Use of data analytics and artificial intelligence for healthcare decision support
* Healthcare process modeling (e.g., through data analytics, care pathway analysis)


* Big data, privacy, and ethical concerns
* Population level impacts of IT on public health (e.g., analysis of large-scale epidemiological data)
* Global evaluation of health care service transformation, encompassing influence of individuals, work and society
* Global (individual, organizational and policy) strategies for improving healthcare
* Comparison studies of public and private healthcare systems and the role of IS therein
* Global challenges in healthcare delivery
* Country-level studies of healthcare delivery, including policy development related to IS
* Ethical and social issues in digital transformations in healthcare delivery

Important Dates

Submission deadline for Completed Papers: January 20, 2018 Extended to February 4th, 2018
Submission deadline for Posters, DC Proposals, Student Research Competition: February 4th, 2018
Notification of acceptance: March 1, 2018