Conference Awards

Magid Igbaria Outstanding Conference Paper of the Year

The annual SIGMIS “Magid Igbaria Outstanding Conference Paper of the Year Award”, approved in October 2003 by the ACM awards committee, recognizes the outstanding contributions to MIS and CPR by the late Magid Igbaria, Claremont Graduate School. The award was presented for the first time at the 2004 CPR conference.

2018 Award Recipients

Stacie Petter (Baylor University) won for her paper – “If You Can’t Say Something Nice: Factors Contributing to Team Member Silence in Distributed Software Project Teams”

Sara Moussawi, Jeria Quesenberry and Randy Weinberg (Carnegie Mellon University) won for their poster – “Improving Student-Driven Feedback and Engagement in the Classroom: Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Speed Dating Model”

2017 Award Recipients

Tenace Setor and Damien Joseph (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore) won for their paper – “Executive Pay before and after Technology IPOs: Who Receives More?”

Surya Karunagaran (IIT Madras), Saji Mathew (IIT Madras), Franz Lehner (University of Passau) won for their poster – “Privacy Protection Dashboard: A Study of Cloud Users Information Privacy Protection Responses.”

2016 Award Recipients:

Christine Koh (Nanyang Technological University), and Damien Joseph (Nanyang Technological University) won for their paper – “Experienced Meaningfulness and Calling: Effects on IT Professionals’ Retention Intention.”

2015 Award Recipients:
Tenace Setor (Nanyang Technological University), Damien Joseph (Nanyang Technological University), and Shirish C. Srivastava (HEC Paris) won for their paper – “Professional Obsolescence in IT: The Relationships between the Threat of Professional Obsolescence, Coping and Psychological Strain.”

2014 Award Recipients:
Deborah J. Armstrong (Florida State University) and Cindy K. Riemenschneider (Baylor University) won for their paper – “The Barriers Facing Women in the Information Technology Profession: An Exploratory Investigation of Ahuja’s Model.”

2013 Award Recipients:
Violet Ho (University of Richmond), Jonathan Whitaker (University of Richmond), Sunil Mithas (University of Maryland), and Prasanto Roy (Cybermedia) won for their paper – “Success is More Than a Resumé: The Role of Social and Psychological Capital in Compensation for Offshore BPO Professionals.”

2012 Award Recipients:
Gaetan Mourmant (Universite de Strasbourg) and Katerina Voutsina (National Technical University of Athens) won for their paper – “What Should I Understand? The Concept of Shift of Understanding, a Quote-Based Analysis.”

2011 Award Recipients:
Sven Laumer (University of Bamberg), Christian Maier (University of Bamberg), Andreas Eckhardt (Goethe-University of Frankfurt), and Tim Weitzel (University of Bamberg) for their paper, “The Trend is Our Friend: German IT Personnel’s Perception of Job-related Factors Before, During, and After the Economic Downturn.

2010 Award Recipients:
Maung K. Sein and Stig Nordheim for their paper, “Learning Processes in User Training: The Case for Hermeneutics.”

2009 Award Recipients:
Kodwig Mgaya, Faith-Michael Uzoka, Ernets Kitinidi, and Alice Shemi for their paper, “Examining Career Orientations of Information Systems Personnel in an Emerging Economy Context.”

2008 Award Recipients:
Eileen M. Trauth (The Pennsylvania State University), Jeria L. Quesenberry (Carnegie Mellon University), Haiyan Huang (The Pennsylvania State University), and Stephen McKnight (GSP Consulting), for their paper, “Linking Economic Development and Workforce Diversity through Action Research.”

2007 Award Recipients:
Tim Klaus (Texas A & M University), Stephen Wingreen (Southeastern University), and J. Ellis Blanton (University of South Florida), for their paper, “Examining User Resistance and Management Strategies in Enterprise System Implementations.”

2006 Award Recipients:
Margaret F. Reid, Myria W. Allen, Cynthia K. Riemenschneider and Deborah J. Armstrong for their paper, “Affective Commitment in the Public Sector: The Case of IT Employees.”

2005 Award Recipients:
Kelly J. Fadel and Mohan Tanniru, both of the University of Arizona, for their paper, “A Knowledge-Centric Framework for Process Redesign.”

2004 Award Recipients:
Maren Simonsen (University of Bergen), and Maung Sein (University of Bergen and Agder University College), for their paper, “Conceptual Frameworks in Practice: Evaluating EU Training Strategy in Organizations.”