2014 CPR Conference OpenTOC

The ACM OpenTOC is a unique service that enables Special Interest Groups to open the content from recently held conferences enabling visitors to download the definitive version of the contents from the ACM Digital Library at no charge for a one year period starting from the conference start date.

PANEL SESSION: Journal editors panel

Editors panel

  • Deborah J. Armstrong
  • Genevieve Bassellier
  • Thomas W. Ferratt
  • Rajiv Kishore
  • Fay Cobb Payton
  • Maung K. Sein
  • Janice C. Sipior

PANEL SESSION: Industry panel: globalization of IT work

Industry panel: globalization of IT work

  • Rajiv Kishore
  • Shveta Arora
  • Ramakrishna Desiraju
  • K. Ravi Kumar
  • Sudhakar Nibhanupudi
  • Balu Thyagarajan

SESSION: Behavioral issues

Stars matter: how FLOSS developers’ reputation affects the attraction of new developers

  • Andreas Schilling
  • Sven Laumer
  • Tim Weitzel

The influence of labelling and social exchange on group cohesion of IT-contract employees

  • Rajendra K. Bandi
  • Ravikumar Narasimhamurthy
  • Rajiv Kishore

The effect of job stress on job performance amongst IT professionals: the moderating role of proactive work behaviours

  • Tenace Kwaku Setor

Technostressors and job stress: examining the role of personality traits

  • Shalini Chandra
  • Anuragini Shirish
  • Shirish C. Srivastava

SESSION: IT workforce development

Factors affecting team performance in globally distributed setting

  • Ashay Saxena
  • Johanna Burmann

Case study: an integrated first year experience and tablet program for current generations of future it savvy personnel

  • Malu Roldan
  • Tanvi Kothari

Developing a well employed IT workforce in Pakistan

  • Malu Roldan
  • Ashraf Shirani

Building educational capabilities through information technology in developing countries: it takes a village

  • Devinder Thapa
  • Maung Kyaw Sein

SESSION: Knowledge sharing and research design

Learning in knowledge team: can passion in teams’ activities help?

  • Kyung Young Lee
  • Geneviève Bassellier

Knowledge management and consumerization of information technology: opportunities and challenges

  • Benyawarath Nithithanatchinnapat
  • K.D. Joshi

Cultural richness versus cultural large scale insights: culture, globalization, and it workers

  • Michelle L. Kaarst-Brown
  • Indira R. Guzman

SESSION: Innovation and strategy

Differences in approach to and output of innovation: study of “established” and “new entrant” small software businesses in India

  • K.G. Satheesh Kumar
  • Amalendu Jyotishi

Impacts of globalization on Indian industry: case of financialization in it and non it sectors

  • Upasana Mishra
  • Karthik R
  • Sashi Sivramkrishna
  • Amalendu Jyotishi

SESSION: Keynote

Sourcing strategy and cross-organizational career development

  • Mohan Tanniru

SESSION: Women in IT

Getting IT together: linking computing intervention camps with computing careers

  • Christina N. Outlay
  • Alana J. Platt
  • Kacie Conroy

The barriers facing women in the information technology profession: an exploratory investigation of ahuja’s model

  • Deborah J. Armstrong
  • Cindy K. Riemenschneider

SESSION: Children and IT

Perceptions of malaysian female school children towards higher education in information technology

  • Ven Yu Sien
  • Grace Yanchi Mui
  • Eugene Yu Jin Tee
  • Diljit Singh

Great expectations: what do children expect from their technology?

  • Jessica Korte
  • Leigh Ellen Potter
  • Sue Nielsen

PANEL SESSION: Panel: active learning approaches in information technology (IT)

Active learning approaches in information technology (IT) pedagogy

  • Benjamin Gan Kok Siew
  • K.D. Joshi
  • Diane Lending
  • Christina Outlay
  • Jeria Quesenberry
  • Randy Weinberg

PANEL SESSION: Panel: corporate psychopaths: implications for the IS workforce

Corporate psychopaths: implications for the IS workforce

  • Conrad Shayo
  • Frank Lin
  • Tapie C.E. Rohm
  • Lorne Olfman

SESSION: Methodological developments

Collaboration in the open-source arena: the webkit case

  • Jose Teixeira
  • Tingting Lin

Linking career anchors and a social cognitive framework: developing an interview instrument

  • Patrick Donohue
  • Norah Power

SESSION: IT workforce behavioral issues

Does teleworking negatively influence IT professionals?: an empirical analysis of IT personnel’s telework-enabled stress

  • Christoph Weinert
  • Christian Maier
  • Sven Laumer
  • Tim Weitzel

The relationship of personality models and development tasks in software engineering

  • Manuel Wiesche
  • Helmut Krcmar

SESSION: Future development for IS personnel

Systems thinking during systems analysis and design

  • Thomas W. Ferratt

Using professional consultants to mentor CIS students on a simulated consulting project

  • Thomas W. Dillon
  • Diane Lending

SESSION: Globally distributed teams

The four ‘W’s of face-to-face: suggesting an enriched perspective on nearshoring relationship management

  • Alexander von Stetten
  • Daniel Beimborn
  • Tim Weitzel