2016 CPR Conference OpenTOC

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SIGMIS-CPR ’16- Proceedings of the 2016 ACM SIGMIS Conference on Computers and People Research

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SESSION: Doctoral Consortium

Virtual World Consumer Behavior

  • Angie M. Cox

The Use of Weight Loss Apps by Women with Eating Disorders

  • Elizabeth V. Eikey

Teens and Information Quality: An Intersectionality-Based Dissertation in Progress Exploring Fitness Information and Social Media

  • Kayla M. Booth

Increasing Physical Activity In Seniors Using Emerging Technology: Identifying Adoption Barriers and Enablers

  • Jake Araullo

Coping with the Dark Side of IT Usage: Mitigating the Effect of Technostress

  • Christoph Weinert

Early Career Experiences of IT Professionals

  • Tenace Setor

SESSION: Opening Keynote

Keynote: Organizational Design

  • Scott A. Bernard

PANEL SESSION: Panel: Emerging Technology for Social Change

The Potential of Emerging Technology for Social Change

  • Leigh Ellen Potter
  • Lewis Carter
  • Jake Araullo
  • Michelle L. Kaarst-Brown

SESSION: Session 1: Poster Session and Student Research Competition

Toward Building a Mobile App Experience to Support Users’ Mobile Travel Needs

  • Chad Schaefer

Providers’ Perceptions of the Impact of Weight Loss Apps on Users with Eating Disorders

  • Elizabeth V. Eikey

Encouraging Minority and Low-Income Girls to Pursue Computing through Inclusive Technology Camps

  • Danielle Sherman

From “Weight Loss Tips” to “Fastest Exercise to Get Abs”: How Teens Search for Fitness Information Across Social Media Platforms

  • Kayla M. Booth

Investigating the Role of Top Management and Institutional Pressures in Cloud Computing Adoption

  • Elston H. Steele
  • Indira R. Guzman

What is Missing for Trust in the Cloud Computing?

  • Teofilo Branco, Jr.
  • Henrique Santos

An Enhanced Visualization Tool for Teaching Monoalphabetic Substitution Cipher Frequency Analysis

  • Matthew D. Sprengel
  • Jason M. Pittman

A Plan to Improve Learning of Requirements Elicitation in an IS Curriculum

  • Jeremy D. Ezell
  • Diane Lending
  • S.E. Kruck
  • Thomas W. Dillon
  • Jeffrey L. May

SESSION: Session 2.1: IT Workforce Management-1

The Dual-sided Effect of Project Failure on IT Professionals

  • Christoph Pflügler
  • Manuel Wiesche
  • Helmut Krcmar

Big Data and Analytics Leaders: the Changing Role of CIO

  • Vincenzo Morabito
  • Gianluigi Viscuis
  • Marinos Themistocleus

SESSION: Session 2.2: Social Movements

Is It All About Awareness?: People, Smart Cities 3.0, and Evolving Spaces for IT

  • H. Patricia McKenna

Promoting Physical Activity In Seniors: Future Opportunities with Emerging Technologies

  • Jake Araullo
  • Leigh Ellen Potter

The Sharing Economy: Studying Technology-Mediated Social Movements

  • Jonathan P. Allen

SESSION: Session 3.1: IT Education and Research

Empowering Deep Thinking to Support Critical Thinking in Teaching and Learning

  • Hisham Al-Mubaid
  • Ahmed Abukmail
  • Said Bettayeb

Defining Audience Awareness for Information Systems Research

  • Jordan Shropshire
  • Art Gowan
  • Chengqi Guo

Black Lives Matter: The Journey of a Black IT Scholar

  • Curtis C. Cain
  • Eileen M. Trauth

SESSION: Session 3.2: Recruitment, Retention and Turnover-1

Putting the Consequences of IT Turnover on the Map: A Review and Call for Research

  • Matthäus P. Zylka

Experienced Meaningfulness and Calling: Effects on IT Professionals’ Retention Intention

  • Christine Koh
  • Damien Joseph

SESSION: Session 4: IT Workforce Management-2

How Temporal Work Styles and Product Modularity Influence Software Quality and Job Satisfaction

  • Jens Foerderer
  • Thomas Kude
  • Sunil Mithas
  • Armin Heinzl

A Literature Review on Enterprise Social Media Collaboration in Virtual Teams: Challenges, Determinants, Implications and Impacts

  • Sebastian Dürr
  • Caroline Oehlhorn
  • Christian Maier
  • Sven Laumer

PANEL SESSION: Panel: Making Black Lives Matter

Making Black Lives Matter in the Information Technology Profession

  • Eileen Trauth
  • K.D. Joshi
  • Lynette Kvasny
  • Allison J. Morgan
  • Fay Cobb Payton

SESSION: Session 5.1: Recruitment, Retention and Turnover-2

Evaluating Effective Use of Social Networks for Recruitment

  • Malmi Amadoru
  • Chandana Gamage

College-Based Career Experiences as Determinants of IT Labor Market Entry: A Survival Analysis Model

  • Tenace Setor
  • Damien Joseph

SESSION: Session 5.2: IT, Computers and People

Designing Games for Presence in Consumer Virtual Reality

  • Lewis Carter
  • Leigh Ellen Potter

New Product Diffusion: The Role of Sentiment Content

  • Tung Cu
  • Helmut Schneider
  • James Van Scotter